Dynamic Systems Puts Quality First

NC State University assists second generation cushion material manufacturer in reaching universal quality standard

Dynamic Systems’ SunMate and Pudgee cushion materials provide impact absorption, comfort and pressure relief, and can be found in everything from helicopter seats to sports helmets. The company, which achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification August 31, 2010, can now ensure quality in each and every product before it leaves the plant.

The company worked with industry experts at North Carolina State University’s Industrial Extension Service (IES) to prepare the facility for ISO certification. ISO 9001 (International Organization of Standardization) provides quality management standardization of activities that facilitate the international exchange of goods and services. ISO standards enhance customer satisfaction and provide tools for continuous improvement. The ISO 9001 standard guides companies to develop training consistencies, a quality policy, and appropriate documentation and record-keeping practices. It also includes a self-auditing component so that long-term results are sustained.

The majority of DSI's client base comes from the military and medical industries where product quality, durability and dependability are essential. ISO certification allows the company to be more responsive to customers, seek more government contracts and expand into foreign markets.

To maintain certification, DSI now also requires consistency and the highest level of quality from its suppliers. Vendors are brought in more frequently and any changes in processes they make must be approved by DSI first.

DSI employee group photo

Award-winning Technology

In 1998, Charles Yost was accepted into the U.S. Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame for the successful development and commercialization of seating technology. Mr. Yost was co-creator of Temper foam, a high energy dissipation cushion material initially developed in 1967 for a project contracted by NASA to explore ways of improving crash safety in airline passenger seating. When the contract ended, Mr. Yost started his own spinoff company, Dynamic Systems, which has been manufacturing the next generation cushion materials, SunMate and Pudgee, ever since.

The North Carolina State University Industrial Extension Service (IES) brings engineering expertise to the state’s factory floors, offices and hospitals. IES was created in 1955 by act of the North Carolina General Assembly and placed within the College of Engineering at N.C. State University. IES is the oldest service of its kind in the nation.