These sheets, cut from the bottom of the SunMate buns, are of such high quality we can't bear to scrap them. The foam still has all the same properties of a regular sheet of SunMate, but one side has a light skin with slight wrinkling and some thin air pockets. The other side is first-quality SunMate.

This is an excellent solution for those operating on a budget. SunMate can be cut easily with an electric kitchen knife, box cutter or foam cutting blade. Use as FIPS base foam for seat/back cushions, padding for foot boxes, adduction, abduction or arm troughs, upholstery projects, knee pads, camping mats, exercise mats, mattress overlays, orthopedic pet beds and more!

Bottom cuts are available in Soft or Medium support pressures in limited quantities (up to 10 each). Check the Discount Overstock page to see what our current inventory contains. If you prefer a different pressure quality (X-Soft, Medium-Soft, etc.) call first for availability, 1-855-SUNMATE, or contact us before ordering.