• Stretch-4 slipcover

Custom-size Stretch-4 Waterproof Slipcover

Discounted Stretch-4 slipcovers fit non-standard cushion sizes and thicker cushions. Inventory is limited, so check back often to see what is currently available.

Stretch-4 is a weft-knit fabric with a polyurethane transfer coating treated against microfungi and bacteria. The slipcover is removable and can be washed with soap and water. Stretch-4 has four-way stretch which allows it to compress with the cushion, and not detract from the cushion's support properties. To request free sample swatches, custom sizes, or fabric by the yard or roll contact our customer service representatives. 

We have 1 slipcover left of 16"x17"x3" on sale for $16.87.

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