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A Pale Soft Plane, Craig Konyk, Artists Space 1999
In 1998, Artists Space Gallery in SOHO featured architect Craig Konyk's installation entitled, "A Pale Soft Plane". Visitors to the gallery participated in a tactile experience of walking on an inclined floor constructed of 169 16"x16"x3" Pudgees. Art Director Claudia Gould said, "It's like walking on giant marshmallows."

Contemporary furniture design with Pudgee and SunMate
Several contemporary furniture design projects utilising Pudgee and SunMate materials. From top to bottom: 1) custom-made Pudgee bench for an architect 2) Harvard Graduate School of Design student project 3) custom-designed sofa with Pudgee 4) 2002 "Skin: Surface, Substance and Design" exhibit at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum featuring Pudgee-topped seating.