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FIPS Total Insert Custom-molded wheelchair seating

Do-It-Yourself Training

BASIC TRAINING IS REQUIRED before orders for FIPS will be accepted. The following free training materials are available for immediate download, online viewing, or by mail:

The step-by-step instructions include safety procedures and finishing techniques. Once basic training is complete, fill out the Verification Form and return it to DSI. Once we have verification of your training on file, you may begin ordering FIPS as often as you like.

Introductory Kit

Those who are new to FIPS are encouraged to perform a trial run with the Introductory Kit to become familiar with the product and the process before an actual client pour. The kit includes one unit of FIPS and all the necessary accessories to make either a seat or back cushion. 

FIPS Introductory Training Kit

FIPS Workshops

If you would prefer to take a workshop to receive hands-on training, contact us and we can refer you to therapists and/or seating specialists who work with our products.

trimming a back insert

Request free samples of FIPS pressure qualities by calling toll free 855-786-6283, or by using the Contact Form.