Laminar Orthopedic Cushions

Laminar cushions provide the ultimate in seating comfort and performance by combining the support capabilities of SunMate with the pillowy-soft comfort of Pudgee. Laminar cushions make sitting for longer durations possible while providing the extra pressure relief needed to counteract extreme soreness and fatigue. Choose from a wide range of cushion thicknesses and pressure supports to create a combination tailored to you or your client's individual needs.

Advantages of a Laminar

  • Laminar CushionThe top layer of pillowy-soft Pudgee flows around an individual's body shape to capture and cushion the highest points of seating pressure.
  • Pudgee's gel-like slide reduces shear forces by moving with the skin, not against it, eliminating friction which can aggravate tender areas on the skin.
  • Pudgee is cool to the touch.
  • On its own, a Pudgee pad is so soft, it bottoms-out under pressure, but used as a top layer of a Laminar, the bottom SunMate layer captures the weight and provides the necessary support by distributing pressure evenly across the sitting area.
  • Thickness and softness (or pressure quality) of the SunMate layer is determined by the individual's weight and comfort preferences.
  • Waterproof slipcovers and coatings are available.

Advantages of a Contour Laminar 

Contour Laminar CushionA Contour Laminar offers all the same benefits of a basic Laminar with the following advantages:

  • With a generic seat contour shaped directly into the SunMate layer, a Contour Laminar is especially beneficial to those who need additional support to achieve proper seat position.
  • The slightly elevated front end of the cushion raises the legs just enough to prevent sliding forward.
  • The deeper contour toward the back of the cushion centers the body and holds it in place creating more stability than a simple wedge or flat cushion.
  • Waterproof slipcovers and coatings are available.

Laminar III

Laminar III CushionLaminar III cushions are composed of a layer of Pudgee sandwiched between two layers of SunMate. A Laminar III may be preferable to those who are highly sensitive to the cold. A top layer of thin SunMate provides insulation from the cool sensation of a Pudgee in winter climates.

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