• Discounted 18"x40" Pudgee

Discounted 18"x40" Pudgee

Our discounted 18"x40"x2" Pudgees are slightly firmer than our standard Pudgee cushion, but still have the same low-shear, moisture wicking, and cooling properties as a regular Pudgee. A firmer Pudgee should still be used in conjunction with a base cushion, such as SunMate, to prevent bottoming-out.

The 18"x40"x2 3/8" Pudgee has the same softness and properties as a regular Pudgee, but is discounted here because it is slightly thicker than our standard 2" Pudgee.

Inventory as of May 16, 2018:

18" x 40" x 2" = Qty 10 cushions available
18" x 40" x 2 3/8" = Qty 1 cushion available
Discounted 50% off regular price.