Pudgee Orthopedic Cushions

Our best-selling Pudgee sizes (18"x40" and 22"x36") are now available for online ordering.
You may also contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail to place an order.

Super Soft Comfort

Only a touch can describe the unique texture and incredible softness of Pudgee. Pudgee contours to the body, flowing around clothing wrinkles and seams so they are imprinted into the cushion, not into the skin. 

Pudgee plant ingredients 

Health Benefits of Pudgee

  • Sitting on a Pudgee results in better blood circulation and improved skin health because Pudgee compresses to a gel-like consistency under sitting pressures. 
  • Pudgee is effective in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores due to its very low tension/shear force which reduces friction that can aggravate tender areas on the skin.
  • Pudgee contains 45-51% natural ingredientsToo much heat generation can cause moisture buildup which can lead to skin abrasion over time. Pudgee is cool to the touch, and its open-cell structure allows it to transform moisture and wick it away from the body. Pudgee is climate adaptable.
  • Pudgee absorbs jolts and vibrations, reducing the tiring effects of long-term seating.
  • Waterproof coatings and slipcovers may be purchased separately.
  • Pudgee is most effective when used on top of a SunMate cushion.

Physical Properties

  • Pudgee is a viscoelastic cushion material with open-cell structure and a soft, dough-like consistency.
  • Pudgee provides flotation properties usually found only in more expensive, pure silicone gel pads.
  • Pudgee cushions retain their soft texture in temperature and humidity extremes.
  • The density of a Pudgee cushion ranges from 15-33 lb/ft3. For example, a 2" Pudgee density = 15 lb/ft3. A .5" Pudgee density = 33 lb/ft3. A 2" and a 1" Pudgee reduce to the same thickness under sitting pressure.


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