Aircraft Seating Applications

Our cushions are often specified for vehicles with demanding seating environments. Aircraft seating is a perfect example. Originally developed by an aeronautical engineer researching ways to improve aircraft seating safety, today SunMate is preferred by pilots for its impact energy and vibration absorption, and exceptional comfort and support properties. Pilots and passengers can sit more comfortably for longer durations on SunMate and Pudgee. SunMate is used in both civilian and military aircraft, as well as in parachuting harnesses, light aircraft, and gliders.

Military Aircraft

SunMate ejection seat part for jet aircraftWhether it's a troop carrier, military helicopter, or fighter jet, impact protection is a necessity. Due to its excellent impact energy absorption capability, SunMate is commonly used in ejection seating for jet aircraft. Custom-designed SunMate composites optimize comfort without substantially contributing to ejection forces.

SunMate FRG passes FAA 12-second vertical burn test and FAR 25.853(a)

Gliders & Light Aircraft Seating

A Laminar cushion reduces or prevents numbness, aches and cramping caused by prolonged sitting. It does this by supporting the weight of the body, distributing sitting pressure evenly, and damping vibrations from the aircraft creating a comfortable ride. Laminar cushions work well for light plane seating because weight of the seat can be reduced by pairing a lightweight firm SunMate with a softer SunMate layer on top. Laminars are available pre-molded with a seat contour as well. Contoured Laminars provide the ultimate in energy absorption and comfort.

Helicopter Seating

SunMate helicopter seat partPilots have walked away from helicopter crashes with only minor injuries when their aircraft was fitted with SunMate seating. SunMate, although light and soft, has an impact energy absorption rating of 12 ft-lb/in3. Ask us about fire-retardant SunMate products designed to meet FAA 25.853(a).

Skydragons Paragliding harnesses with SunMate

Parachute Harness & Sport Aircraft Padding

SunMate is used as impact cushions for gliding and sport aircraft, as strap covering for parachute harnesses and many other miscellaneous applications where padding buffers the hard knocks.