Slipcovers & Fabrics

Dynamic Systems, Inc. supplies cushion slipcovers, fabrics by the yard or roll, waterproof coatings, spray adhesives and FIPS accessories for fabric covering & waterproofing custom inserts. 

Velour Slipcovers

Velour slipcovers for SunMate and Pudgee cushionsDSI sells velour by the yard or as a slipcover. A velour slipcover will give your cushion a longer life. Available to fit standard cushion sizes of SunMate, Pudgee, and Laminar cushions. Removable. Washable. Stretch cotton/synthetic blend. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Stretch Knit Fabric

DSI sells Stretch Knit Fabric by the yard for covering FIPS inserts. This fabric is a cotton/synthetic blend and is flexible enough to cover complex contours. This material can be easily waterproofed with a silicone coating. Available in Black only.

Waterproof Fabrics


Laminar cushion with Dartex waterproof slipcoverDartex™ is a 4-way stretch, weft-knit fabric with a waterproof polyurethane transfer coating. Protected against microfungi and bacteria. May be machine washed or dry cleaned. Available in black, matte finish. Sold by the yard or as a slipcover. Technical Specifications.

Stretch 4

Stretch 4 is a waterproof polyurethane film laminated to 100% polyester knit fabric with 4-way stretch. Protected against microfungi and bacteria. Washable. Available in black, matte finish. Sold by the yard or as a slipcover. Technical Specifications.


Dureflex™ polyurethane film is a laminate material which provides a clear, flexible, moisture barrier for SunMate cushions and FIPS inserts while improving durability. DSI sells 1.5-mil Dureflex™ by the yard.

Free Fabric Samples

Fabric swatches are available upon request.