• Free Sample Box

Sample Pack

Our sample pack includes:

  • Mini product catalog
  • 2"x4"x1" samples of SunMate: Soft, Medium-soft, Medium, Medium-firm, Firm
  • 2"x4"x.25" sample of SunMate with waterproof coating
  • 2"x4"x.25" sample of SunMate T50E (hard)
  • 2"x2"x1" sample of SunMate FRG (fire-retardant)
  • 2"x4"x1" sample of Pudgee
  • 2"x4"x.25" sample of Pudgee 

Contact Customer Service if you require specific sample sizes, samples of FIPS formulations (range of 6), fabric samples, or samples of XX-Soft Foam, Extra-soft or Extra-firm SunMate.