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High-tech Cushion Materials Developed by DSI

high-density, high-resilience polyurethane viscoelastic foam available in 10 levels of pressure support

SunMate® FRG
contains a non-halogenated fire-retardant

Liquid SunMate® Foam-In-Place Seating (FIPS)
direct custom molding system in a 3-chemical bowl or bag mix

gel-like cushion with slide

dual-layer composite of Pudgee on top of SunMate

Laminar III™
tri-layer composite of Pudgee between two layers of SunMate

Contour Laminar™
composite with pre-molded contour

Other Products Offered by DSI

Silicone Waterproofing Kit
Fire Retardant Additive for FIPS
FIPS Accessories
Cushion Slipcovers & Fabrics
Shredded Foam

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DSI Manufacturing Facility

Orthopedic & Specialty Cushion Manufacture since 1969

Incorporated in 1967, Dynamic Systems began research in 1969 to perfect foam cushion materials having both high energy absorption and soft pressure properties. In cooperation with NASA, the materials were applied to crash safety seats for aircraft, ejection seating, and various medical applications. In the following decades, the technology expanded to provide wheelchair seating and direct custom-molding seating systems for the severely disabled. Today our high-tech viscoelastic polyurethane cushion materials can be found in a variety of products in many different industries: aircraft, medical, heavy equipment, sports, furniture, architecture, veterinary, equine and more.

Dynamic Systems continues to produce one of the least expensive and most advanced cushion materials available for comfort and energy absorption. Our growth and strength are based on outstanding technical performance and customer service. 

Quality Policy

We will:

  1. Commit to the highest level of quality in all our processes, both external and internal.
  2. Continually improve our products and management systems.
  3. Measure, review and react positively to key performance indicators.
  4. Meet all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration issued by Intertek June 30, 2022. Expires August 30, 2025.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business