Racing & Sports Applications

High-energy impact and vibration absorbing properties make SunMate the material of choice for Formula One, NASCAR, drag and Mini-Baja racing. Effective cushioning means the difference between a mild or a severe injury.

Dynamic Systems, Inc. products are used for vibration and shock absorption in a variety of high-impact applications including the following:

Race Cars

University of Louisville KY SAE Mini-baja carStudies have shown that certain vibrational frequencies generated by engines can lead to chronic disabilities. SunMate seating has afforded relief to operators of mining cars that vibrate at frequencies that can cause cumulative back, neck, and abdominal disorders. SunMate absorbs the majority of the constant vibrations experienced by Mini-Baja, NASCAR and Formula One racers. In some instances, Liquid SunMate Foam-In-Place Seating has been used to pour custom-fitted seat inserts that hold the driver securely in position during a race. Formula One and NASCAR drivers have used FIPS for custom seating in their vehicles. Not only does SunMate reduce vibrations and cushion blows, it burns without releasing disabling fumes. SunMate is used in a line of Formula One headrests.

NASCAR custom-molded driver seat using Liquid SunMate FIPS

Adventure Sports

SunMate products have also been used for impact energy absorption in Mini Baja cars and gliders. They were even used to make rowing comfortable on the crew of an ancient trireme reconstruction.