Other Products & Services

Other Cushion Products & Accessories:
  • Covers & Coatings
  • Waterproofing DIY
  • Fire-Retardant Additive for FIPS
  • FIPS Accessories: plastic molding bags, spray adhesive, mold-release, intro kit, gloves and protective glasses may all be purchased separately. Contact us for pricing. 
  • Comfort Foam: extremely soft SunMate, softer than the Extra-soft pressure quality. Available in the same sizes and quantity prices as Soft SunMate.
  • Discounted SunMate
  • Waterproofing FIPS inserts or large sheet sizes. Contact us for a quote.
  • Prototyping.  Contact us for a quote.
Shredded Foam:

Shredded SunMate and Shredded SunMate FRG (fire-retardant) may be ordered by the pound. This is high-grade memory foam shredded to approximately 1" pieces. Even in shredded form the foam retains the same softness, give, and similar return as a SunMate cushion. Excellent as filler for:

  • pet beds
  • pillows and bolsters for bed positioning and sleep aids
  • body support aids for physical therapy
  • exercise equipment, such as heavy punching bags

For smaller foam chip options, free samples, or more product details, please contact us.