Motorcycle Seat Applications

Retrofitting Motorcycle Saddles with SunMate & Pudgee

SunMate and Pudgee are the premium cushion materials selected by motorcycle enthusiasts and bike shops worldwide who want to custom retrofit motorcycle saddles for improved comfort and energy-absorption.

Vibration Absorption

motorcycle seat refitted with SunMate motorcycle seat cushion material

Long-haul truckers, race car drivers, and motorcyclists all benefit from SunMate's vibration and impact absorbing qualities. They require material that is simultaneously durable and comfortable with high performance capability for long-lasting support for those marathon drives. SunMate meets these requirements and has an added advantage in that it can be made effectively waterproof and/or fire-retardant using non-toxic coatings.

Reduce Cramping and Fatigue

SunMate cushions help reduce or eliminate backaches, stiffness, and numbness that arise during periods of prolonged seating. SunMate's ability to comfortably conform to contours and provide support for good posture are two reasons why.

Buffer Bumps and Bruises

SunMate buffers jolts incurred from driving over holes and mounds, absorbing 90% of the impact energy, dissipating it away from the spine. It makes a great shock absorber for dune buggies, ATVs, four-wheelers and motocross bikes. SunMate offers added protection where the terrain is rough and spills and collisions are commonplace.

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