Specialty Cushion Applications

Dynamic Systems manufactures specialty cushion materials that are so versatile, they can be used for many different types of applications in many different disciplines. Some of the more common uses of our materials include:


Dynamic Systems' cushions are used throughout the healthcare industry. SunMate is often used in wheelchair cushions to distribute weight evenly and alleviate pressure on ischial tuberosities or coccyx vertebrae. Pudgee is a gel foam used to prevent or aid the healing process for bed sores and decubitus ulcers. Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating is used to create custom-molded wheelchair inserts for clients with complex contours and more fixed support requirements.


Laminar, a SunMate-Pudgee combination cushion, provides the ultimate in seating comfort for those who have to sit long-term. It has excellent vibration and impact absorption properties. T50E, our firmest SunMate formulation, is often used as a crash protection or energy absorption layer in ejection seats. Pilot seats are built with softer layers of SunMate or Pudgee on top of the crash protection layer for added comfort and support.


No one is more enthusiastic about SunMate and Pudgee cushion materials than motorcyclists. They will often retrofit their factory-built saddles with SunMate and Pudgee so they can travel in comfort without the fatigue caused by long hours on the road and prolonged vibrations.

Mining and Heavy Equipment

SunMate and Pudgee cushions have been studied by outside parties and proven to excel or surpass other cushion materials with their ability to absorb vibrations that aggravate physiological functions. Ergonomic seating designed SunMate and Pudgee improves operator comfort and health.

Racing & Sports

SunMate is used in a variety of sports applications. Its excellent performance in impact testing has qualified it as one of only a few FIA-approved cushion materials for use in Formula One headrest design. Race car drivers, as well as drivers of a number of competitive sports vehicles, experience better performance and handling in addition to knowing they are safer with SunMate.

Equine & Veterinary

SunMate, Pudgee and FIPS are often used with horses and other animals to improve their quality of life. Liquid SunMate can be used to fashion specially-molded cushion parts and custom prosthetics for animals with limb injurues. SunMate is a favorite material for use as saddle shims to balance saddle-fit or as impact absorbing inserts in saddle pads for horses.


SunMate, Pudgee, FIPS, and T50E have been used in a myriad of other custom applications. Due to their unusual texture and other physical and technical properties, these specialty cushion materials appeal to creative individuals like architects, industrial designers, innovators and engineers. The special nature of these materials has also earned them inclusion in exhibitions in some of the most prestigious museums and galleries in the world.