Equine & Veterinary Applications

SunMate & Pudgee orthopedic cushions aren’t just for people. Improve your best friend's health and well-being with the same medical-grade orthopedic cushion materials used in hospitals and rehab centers.

    • Formulated for comfort, body support and impact absorption.
    • Open-cell structure allows cooling airflow.
    • Up to 36% natural plant ingredients add freshness and softness not found in other visco memory foams.
    • Durable and long-lasting SunMate® won't shrink or bottom-out over time.
    • Complete range of thicknesses; sheet, standard and custom sizes; 10 different pressure qualities from XX-Soft to Hard
    • Gel-like Pudgee® material has low-shear, and is often used to relieve pressure on tender skin or bony prominences

SunMate Shims for Saddle-fitting

Correct saddle fit is important. An ill-fitting saddle can pinch, gouge, restrict blood circulation, or rub uncomfortably against skin causing pain or discomfort for the horse. Signs of poor saddle fit often manifest as negative behavior or as tight, stiff action in a horse's gait. Professional saddle-fitters understand how to assess and address these issues using saddle shims as an inexpensive alternative to buying a new saddle, having one custom-made, or buying off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all products that just don't work.

Master saddlers use SunMate because it is affordable, versatile, easy to work with, and out-performs gels, honeycomb materials and closed-cell foams. Thin (quarter-inch to half-inch), Medium Firm or Firm SunMate usually works best, but professional saddle-fitters should be consulted for the best solution to a horse's individual requirements. To find a Master Saddler in your area, visit www.mastersaddlers.com.

SunMate Inserts for Saddle Pads

SunMate half-pad

A good saddle pad can protect a horse's back from the weight and impact force of the rider. It will also wick away moisture from the horse's skin, keep the horse cool, and protect the saddle from dirt and sweat. SunMate's impact absorption properties, comfort level, performance and durability, makes it the orthopedic foam-of-choice for saddle pad inserts found in some of the highest quality saddle pad brands on the market today.

"There are a lot of happy horses in Australia now, using your foam between their saddles and their saddles cloths!" 
Kate Shorter, Equine Sports Therapist
Happy Horse Sports Therapy

For Western or Endurance saddles, a sheet of .5"-.75" Medium, Medium-Firm or FIrm SunMate cut to size and covered in a durable fabric or fleece makes a great saddle pad.

Want to replace the shims in your saddle pad with SunMate? Simply send us tracings and the specifications, and we can custom-make new shims for you. Contact us for a quote.

Orthopedic Pet Bed Padding

SunMate pet bed Upgrade your pet's bedding with a medical-grade orthopedic SunMate cushion. 

    • Standard and custom sizes available, no minimum order required.
    • Choose from a range of softnesses suitable for your pet's size (XX-Soft, X-Soft, Soft, Med-Soft, Med)
    • Purchase as a replacement cushion for your existing bed, or as a new bed with optional slipcover.
    • Waterproof, stretch-knit, camo, or micro-suede fabrics available.
    • Add a super-soft gel-like Pudgee or XX-Soft Foam layer on top for pets with sensitive skin, arthritis, or bony prominences to provide additional relief from pain and pressure.

pet paw imprint on SunMate memory foam

Veterinary Prosthetic Padding

In some extreme situations, veterinarians have used the Liquid SunMate FIPS (Foam-in-Place System) to make custom-molded prosthetics and padding for animals with leg injuries or amputations. Click here to read a story about Thor, a horse with a challenging prosthetic need.