Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating

4-step Foam-in-Place Seating

Fast & Easy Direct Custom Molding

Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating (FIPS) was developed in 1984 for wheelchair users with complex seating and positioning needs. FIPS is a 3-chemical, mix and pour, direct custom-contouring system used to create seat, back, or total wheelchair inserts.

The Liquid SunMate mixture is poured into a molding bag placed in the client’s chair. The client is positioned on the bag, and the liquid foam rises to form around the client’s unique shape within minutes. Advanced posture control and pressure relief is achieved almost instantly. A total fabric-finished, waterproof insert can be completed in 2-4 hours (depending on contour complexity).

Seating Specialists Choose FIPS

Orthopedic professionals and rehabilitation centers use FIPS custom-contouring assistive seating technology to:

  • slow progressive deformities, address fixed deformities or excessive tone problems
  • improve body functions and blood circulation by distributing sitting pressure evenly
  • relieve pressure points, soreness and fatigue associated with confined or prolonged seating
  • control body positioning with the gentle fixed support of the mold

Time-Tested Quality & Reliability

FIPS has been tested, proven and accepted by orthopedic and medical professionals worldwide for 30 years. Dynamic Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified, so quality is guaranteed in each and every product before it leaves the plant.

Liquid SunMate plant ingredients
Liquid SunMate formulations contain 34-42% natural, plant-derived ingredients.

Cushion Properties

A finished FIPS insert has the same exceptional qualities as a SunMate cushion:

  • slow springback, high-density, high-resilience foam
  • flows to match body contours, and slowly returns to its original shape once pressure is removed
  • open-cell structure maximizes airflow to reduce heat buildup
  • uniform pressure distribution and impact energy absorption alleviates sitting fatigue
  • a fabric-finished / waterproofed cushion will withstand years of use

Safe, Versatile & Inexpensive

Safe: SunMate and FIPS have inherently low levels of toxicity because natural plant ingredients constitute 34-42% of their make-up. This adds a sense of freshness you won’t find in other foam cushions.

Versatile: Liquid SunMate can be used for many different applications because it can quickly mold to any shape or size: temporary foam supports, gerry chairs, supine lyers, head rests, foot supports and more.

Inexpensive: Liquid SunMate Foam-In-Place Seating (FIPS) is one of the most affordably priced custom-contouring seating systems available.

  • adjustability - the foam is easily cut away for inserting Pudgee or gel, adding ventilation holes or slits for harnesses or belts
  • affordability - one FIPS unit will make a seat or back insert for less than $100
  • when time is of the essence - custom contouring in minutes not weeks

FIPS Total Insert Custom-molded wheelchair seating

Do-It-Yourself Training

BASIC TRAINING IS REQUIRED before orders for FIPS will be accepted. The following free training materials are available for immediate download, online viewing, or by mail:

The step-by-step instructions include safety procedures and finishing techniques. Once basic training is complete, fill out the Verification Form and return it to DSI. Once we have verification of your training on file, you may begin ordering FIPS as often as you like.

Introductory Kit

Those who are new to FIPS are encouraged to perform a trial run with the Introductory Kit to become familiar with the product and the process before an actual client pour. The kit includes one unit of FIPS and all the necessary accessories to make either a seat or back cushion. 

FIPS Introductory Training Kit

FIPS Workshops

If you would prefer to take a workshop to receive hands-on training, contact us and we can refer you to therapists and/or seating specialists who work with our products.

trimming a back insert

Request free samples of FIPS pressure qualities by calling toll free 855-786-6283, or by using the Contact Form.