Medical Applications

SunMate and Pudgee cushions, and Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating are used throughout the medical industry where comfort and pressure relief are needed. Experience better health at an affordable price.

The Choice of Medical Professionals Worldwide

About 80% of our customers use our cushions for medical applications. Doctors, therapists, seating specialists and rehab technicians choose to work with SunMate, Pudgee, Laminar and FIPS for the following reasons:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • No minimum ordering requirements
  • Ease of modification for custom applications
  • Product performance and reputation
  • Excellent customer service and fast turn-around
  • Durability and longevity of cushion
  • SunMate's weight distribution properties
  • Pudgee's cool feel and non-shearing properties
  • Open-cell structure that allows air to flow through the cushion
  • SunMate's wide range of support pressures
  • Comfort
  • Pressure relief for preventing and abating tissue breakdown
  • Versatility of Foam-in-Place for molding custom seats, backs, headrests, and foot boxes
  • Available waterproofing and covering options

wheelchair seating assessment with FIPS

SunMate, Pudgee & FIPS Applications Include:

wheelchair support surfaces, seating & positioning; medical table & bed padding; prosthetic cosmesis; helmet & harness padding; wheelchair headrests, lateral and lumbar supports; sidelyers; geri chairs

prosthetic padding with FIPS prosthetic cosmesis created with FIPS
Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating works well for molding specialty pieces.