Save 20-30% on 18"x40" and 22"x36" Pudgee® cushions. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and stock up for BIG savings! Online prices show sale price. No promo codes necessary at checkout. When ordering by phone, fax or email, mention this offer to receive the discount. Pudgee® cushions have skin-saving slide to help prevent or relieve pressure injuries. Use on top of a SunMate® cushion to prevent bottoming-out.

Stock up for big savings:

Pudgee® 18"x40"x½" SAVE $35.00
Was $125.00 Sale price, $90.00

Pudgee® 18"x40"x1" SAVE $43.00 
Was $168.00 Sale price, $125.00

Pudgee® 22"x36"x½" SAVE $30.65 
Was $138.65 Sale price, $108.00

Pudgee® 22"x36"x1" SAVE $52.00  
Was $187.00 Sale price, $135.00

Super Pudgee® sale kickoff starts next week on 18"x40" and 22"x36" cushions. We will be closed Monday for the holiday, but check back first thing Tuesday, Sept. 6th for some great post Labor Day prices!

If you are ordering a standard 16"x16" or 16"x18" size SunMate®, Pudgee® or Laminar™ cushion through our online store, but need it waterproofed, we now provide the option of selecting a silicone waterproof coating pre-applied to your cushion before shipping. Simply go to the Other Products > Covers and Coatings page and add the Waterproof Coating to your cart.

SunMate® FRG cushions provide the same high impact energy absorption and soft pressure properties as regular SunMate®, but with an added element of safety. SunMate® FRG contains a non-halogenated fire retardant that allows the cushion to pass more stringent fire tests.

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We have added more sizes, thicknesses, and pressure quality options to our SunMate®, Pudgee® and Laminar™ cushion collections available through our online store. Additional slipcover sizes are now available too. If we have a product you would like to order online, but don't see it on our website, please let us know and we will add it if possible. Orders may be placed through the contact form as well. Be sure to include a phone number or valid e-mail address so we may contact you if we have any questions.

SunMate® orthopedic pet beds are now available for order directly through this website! Our high-quality pet pillows are composed of 100% premium shredded SunMate® polyurethane foam fill encased in a zippered, breathable, 80 gsm, non-woven heavy liner. The zippered outer cover is removable and machine washable. Choose a Green Camo pattern or True Timber™ pink or brown satin polyester fabric on one side and soft beige sherpa fleece on the other. 27" x 36", approximately 5" deep. Weight: 7 lb.

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On May 21, 2015, Charles A. Yost was posthumously recognized for his contributions to the development and marketing of viscoelastic foam and inducted into the Flexible Polyurethane Foam Hall of Fame by the Polyurethane Foam Association at their spring General Business meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. Robin Yost, president and CEO of Dynamic Systems, Inc., received the award on the family's behalf.

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Motorcyclists can minimize fatigue and ride longer and stronger with high-performance SunMate® and Pudgee® seating foam that contours to the body and absorbs the bumps and bruises of the road.

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