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High-tech Cushion Materials Developed by DSI

high-density, high-resilience polyurethane viscoelastic foam available in 10 levels of pressure support

SunMate® FRG
contains a non-halogenated fire-retardant

Liquid SunMate® Foam-In-Place Seating (FIPS)
direct custom molding system in a 3-chemical bowl or bag mix

gel-like cushion with slide

dual-layer composite of Pudgee on top of SunMate

Laminar III™
tri-layer composite of Pudgee between two layers of SunMate

Contour Laminar™
composite with pre-molded contour

Other Products Offered by DSI

Silicone Waterproofing Kit
Fire Retardant Additive for FIPS
FIPS Accessories
Cushion Slipcovers & Fabrics
Shredded Foam

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