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U.S. Navy's Blue Angels photo credit NASA/Kim Shiflett

photo credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett

SunMate & Pudgee are used in the following types of aircraft:

utility, scout, and attack helicopters
subsonic and supersonic jet ejection seating

kit planes
gliders & light aircraft
aerobatic aircraft
corporate aircraft

Kiowa Warrior OH-58D helicopter pilot seat joint project by LME, Survival Innovations and Dynamic Systems, Inc.“I wanted to drop a line to give you some feedback on the new seats — They're great bar none! The Kiowa Warrior is the only aircraft I have flown since flight school, and the seats you all have developed and provided to the Kiowa Community are hands down the best I have sat my tail on in over 2200 flight hours. Currently we have half our fleet with the new seats and my aviators all fight for the aircraft that have the new seats.”
- Brian K. Serota LTC, AV
6-6 CAV Squadron

"...the surprising efficiency [SunMate] provides for the cost of acquiring and implementing it, we see that this is definitely the best investment in safety a glider pilot can have next to his parachute." [trans. from French]
- Yankee-Romeo Website

custom fabricated SunMate back cushion for glider pilot seat"In five weeks of solo flight, I have used the cushion in the Discus and the ASW 27. It is perfectly comfortable and I am sure it would help protect the lower spine from impact in case of a hard landing or accident." [paraphrased from translation] - Dr. S. Zlot, Bern, Switzerland

SunMate® back cushion, custom-made to customer's specifications. Shown without cover. Photo credit: Dr. S. Zlot