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Support Selection

SunMate cushions are available in 10 degrees of support: XX-Soft, Extra-Soft, Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium, Medium-Firm, Firm, Extra-Firm, XX-Firm and Hard (T50E). This provides a wide support range for any weight or weight-distribution need.

Choose Soft for Comfort Layers or Supporting Lighter Weights:
  • gives easily and is gentle on mild deformations or pressure-sensitive areas
  • provides comfort and enough support for a small, lightweight person
  • use as a comfort layer on top of a firmer support cushion or surface like a mattress, office chair, or car seat
Choose Medium for Support for a Wide Range of Weights:
  • provides more support than Soft under sitting pressure
  • supports a wide range of weights, up to 300 lb, without bottoming-out
  • Medium is suitable for most purposes. Those who prefer a softer feel choose Medium-soft. Those who like a firmer support surface choose Medium-firm.
Choose Firm for Hot Climates, Impact Absorption or Supporting Heavier Weights:

SunMate has a thermoplastic quality, which means it will soften slightly when it's hot, and firm slightly when it's cold.

  • use in hot, humid environments where a Firm cushion will function more like a Medium
  • opt for a Medium-Firm or Firm cushion if the cushion will likely be exposed to hot summer sun, vehicle engine heat, or body heat (motorcycle, farm equipment, or patio seating, saddle pad or saddle shim, etc)
  • use where impact- or vibration-absorbing material is needed (ejection seating, race car seating, motorcycle seating, etc)

Energy Absorption

SunMate is designed to absorb tremendous amounts of impact shock and vibration energy. That is why SunMate is used for many engineering applications.

SunMate Impact Energy Absorption vs. Temperature
Firmer SunMate cushions are more energy-absorbent. Energy absorption is temperature-dependent:

Normal use temperature range: 0-120°F
Functional temperature range: -20-150°F
Slow degradation starts: 300°F
Density: 5 lb/ft3