Motorcycle Seat Applications Sidebar

Professionally Crafted or DIY

Click here to download do-it-yourself instructions for a saddle retrofit. Don't have time? Let the professionals handle it. The following companies specialize in working with SunMate products:

Americana Soft Seats Jamesburg, NJ
Astech Seats Jonesboro, IN
A Sweet Seat / Stitch On Time, St. Petersburg, FL (also serves international customers)
Dianna's Shop Fletcher, NC
Mean City Cycles Maiden, NC (also serves international customers)
Sick Saddles, Lakeland, FL

motorcycle seat shown with SunMate and Pudgee cushion in seat pan before covering

"It’s very refreshing to find someone selling a product that is kind and friendly and actually cares enough to make an effort. I appreciate it and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for some good foam!"
T. Fornos

"I've had friends that have used these folks - great GREAT results!"
True Grip forum

"…I am sold on the Pudgee foam, had it on other scoots, it is the best open/closed cell stuff out there."
hANNAbONE forum

"I have approximately 50,000 miles on a seat I built using a single layer of 2" medium-firm density SunMate with a layer of ½" Pudgee on top. IMHO, it’s the best you can buy."
Adventure Rider forum