SunMate Orthopedic Cushions

SunMate is a "memory" foam with slow spring-back. It contours to the body and slowly returns to its original shape once pressure is removed. SunMate's open-cell structure maximizes airflow to reduce heat buildup, while its viscoelastic properties allow it to uniformly distribute pressure and absorb impact energy to alleviate sitting fatigue. SunMate is one of the most comfortable, versatile, and economical cushion materials on the market today.

Health Benefits of SunMate

  • Slow-flow body contouring provides uniform weight distribution for pressure relief.
  • Support capability alleviates fatigue from long-term sitting or lying down.
  • SunMate effectively absorbs 90% of normal-use impact energy, greatly reducing fatigue caused by sudden jolts or constant vibration.

Size and Support Ranges

  • Standard, custom, and bun sizes are available, as well as wedges and contoured cushions.
  • Ten pressure support levels are available to accommodate any body weight or special weight-distribution need: XX-Soft, Extra-Soft, Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium, Medium-Firm, Firm, Extra-Firm, XX-Firm and Hard.
  • DSI can customize formulations upon request.

Physical Properties

  • SunMate is an elastomeric, polyurethane, viscoelastic foam with open-cell structure.
  • SunMate is lightweight with a density of 5 lb/ft3.
  • A fabric-finished cushion can withstand years of use.
  • SunMate retains its physical properties beyond normal temperature ranges.
  • Waterproof coatings and slipcovers may be purchased separately.

Fire Retardant Options

  • In a fire event, SunMate burns with naturally low toxicity because it is formulated with 33-36% natural, plant-based ingredients.
  • SunMate is available with non-halogenated fire-retardant additives upon request.
  • Fire-retardant coatings and slipcovers may be purchased separately.