The new and improved FIPS training video is now available for online viewing on our YouTube Channel. Watching the video and reading the FIPS Instruction Manual are prerequisites for new users and resellers of the FIPS system. Dynamic Systems will accept orders for FIPS, but will not ship the product until a signed Verification of Training form, or "V-form", is on file with us. This is to ensure the safety of the FIPS team and client by verifying that all instruction material has been reviewed and understood before using the product.

First-time users of the system may want to try a practice run before molding a client. We offer a FIPS Introductory Kit for this purpose. It includes everything required to mold a seat or back cushion (1 full unit of Liquid SunMate, 2 SunMate base cushions, 1 SunMate laminating sheet, 2 plastic molding bags, 2 pairs of latex gloves, safety glasses, and instruction manual). Ordering details may be found on our Customer Price Sheet.

Want to watch an actual client pour in the clinic? ThisĀ video taken at CarePartners Health Services wheelchair clinic in Asheville, NC, demonstrates the use of Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place to mold a back cushion for a young boy. The whole process took less than two hours to assess changes in the client's seating and positioning needs, to mix and pour the back mold in a fabric-finished bag, and trim and finish the new custom-molded cushion for the client.