During the manufacturing process of the polyol ingredient in the Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating (FIPS) product, different colored dyes are used to designate the different pressure qualities available: Soft, Medium, Semi-Rigid and variations of those. This helps differentiate FIPS Bowl Pack units at a glance for those producing, packaging and using the product. The FIPS Bag Pack polyol is manufactured using the same procedure, but users will not be able to see the color of the polyol until the mixture is poured into the molding bag. 
  • Red dye is added to the liquid polyol used in both Extra-Soft and Soft formulations to create a pink liquid and finished foam insert.
  • Blue dye is added to the Medium and Medium-Soft formulations to create a blue liquid polyol and finished foam insert.
  • Green dye is used in the Semi-Rigid formulation to create a light green liquid and finished insert.
Customers may request that no dye be added to their FIPS polyol if they wish their finished insert to be white.