Dynamic Systems will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday, Thursday, Nov. 23 and Friday, Nov. 24. We will resume regular business hours Monday, Nov. 27.

DSI will also be closed for the Christmas and New Year's holidays from Monday, Dec. 25, 2023 through Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024. We will resume regular business hours Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024.

Please place your orders with these dates in mind. We want to thank all of our customers for your business. We look forward to working with you in the new year!

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We accept refunds, returns and exchanges. Click the Read More link for more detail.

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DSI will be closed Monday, September 4 and Tuesday, September 5 for the Labor Day holiday. Please place your orders with these dates in mind. We will resume regular business hours on Wednesday, September 6.

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Standard-sized waterprooof and stretch fabric slipcovers are once again available for ordering online. If you need a custom-sized slipcover, or would like to order fabric by the yard, contact our Customer Service department for pricing.

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We have Dartex fabric and slipcovers in stock again. Stretch-4 and velour cushion slipcovers are also available along with select fabrics available for order by the yard. For details on pricing, shipping or fabric specifications, contact us or call toll-free, 855-786-6283. 

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Throughout the pandemic, DSI has been able to get your orders out the door and on-time. For most orders, turn-around time is 2-3 days. You can rely on us to get what you need when you need it. Order online, or contact our customer service for the best shipping rates and estimated shipping dates available. 

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These sheets, cut from the bottom of the SunMate buns, are of such high quality we can't bear to scrap them. The foam still has all the same properties of a regular sheet of SunMate, but one side has a light skin with slight wrinkling and some thin air pockets. The other side is first-quality SunMate.

This is an excellent solution for those operating on a budget. SunMate can be cut easily with an electric kitchen knife, box cutter or foam cutting blade. Use as FIPS base foam for seat/back cushions, padding for foot boxes, adduction, abduction or arm troughs, upholstery projects, knee pads, camping mats, exercise mats, mattress overlays, orthopedic pet beds and more!

Bottom cuts are available in Soft or Medium support pressures in limited quantities (up to 10 each). Check the Discount Overstock page to see what our current inventory contains. If you prefer a different pressure quality (X-Soft, Medium-Soft, etc.) call first for availability, 1-855-SUNMATE, or contact us before ordering.

Motorcycle and Aircraft Enthusiasts

If you ride motorcycles or fly your own plane, now is a perfect time to get to that seat upgrade you've been wanting to do. SunMate® and Pudgee® foams are widely used by auto and motorcycle upholstery shops and DIYers to retrofit uncomfortable stock seats in all models of motorcycle, race car, boat, and personal vehicle or aircraft.

Get It from the Source

You won't find high-quality, medical-grade, performance foams like ours in the local craft or big box stores. But it's easy to order directly from us through our website, or by phone or email. Order as few as 1 piece of foam or take advantage of our volume discounts for quantities of 16 or more. (Price sheets provided upon request.) Check out our Discounted Overstock page for pricing up to 50% off. (Limited quantities available. Inventory is updated weekly.)

Our current operating hours are Mon.-Thurs., 8:00 AM-5:00 PM EST, and  Customer Service is available Mon.-Fri. from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM to take orders and answer questions.

Work from Home without Fatigue

Our foams are popular for applications like vehicle seating due their high-impact dissipation, vibration-absorption, and long-term seating comfort properties; but our foams also make great office chair cushions for those who now find themselves working from home at an improvised work station. We make standard 16"x16" or 16"x18" cushions in a range of softness/firmness to suit your support and weight distribution needs so you can sit for longer periods of time without developing lower back pain or pressure points. There's a reason why the most prevalent use of our foam materials, for over 50 years, has been as wheelchair cushions and wheelchair seating components. We also offer removable, washable slipcovers.

A Comfortable Workout

Trying to get in some physical exercise during the lockdown, but can't get outside? A 1/4"-1/2" sheet of SunMate® makes a great yoga or exercise mat. Add a thicker 3"-4" cushion for balance practice.

Do Your Hobbies Require a Lot of Sitting?

Maybe your dinner table chairs, favorite gaming chair, piano bench or work stool could use an upgrade in the padding. A large sheet of SunMate® can be cut easily into smaller shapes and multiple pieces using an electric kitchen carving knife for some DIY re-upholstery projects.

Don't Forget the Pets

Do you have an elderly pet who would appreciate the support of an orthopedic SunMate® cushion, or coolness of a Pudgee® gel pad? Make a new pet bed for the family dog, or order one of our pre-made pet beds filled with shredded SunMate®. Now is also a great time to get out and ride the horses who have been resting over the winter. Cut some shims for your horse's saddle pad to protect those places where the saddle rubs or creates excessive pressure.

We are all experiencing unprecedented times during the Covid-19 pandemic which is causing much stress and putting business-as-usual on hold for a bit, but if we can help you get through this more comfortably by assisting you with any of the above-mentioned projects, or if you need advice with a unique application you may have but are not sure how to proceed, we're here to help you figure out how to get it done. Give us a call, toll-free: 1-855-SUNMATE (786-6283).


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